For centuries, countless caravans of mules laden with bamboo-leaf-wrapped stacks of pressed pu-erh tea followed the 2.500km of Ancient Tea Horse Roads from Pu’er city to Central Tibet.

Menghai golden pu-erh
Menghai golden pu-erh
Menghai golden pu-erh
Menghai golden pu-erh
Menghai golden pu-erh

Menghai golden pu-erh


Flavour profile : Honey, tobacco, undergrowth

This is a 1st grade ripe (shu) pu-erh from Menghai

2018 - Autumn Harvest

Traditionally withered, cooked, hand-rolled, sun-dried and stone-pressed. Packaging : 100g tea cake

As one of the birthplaces of ancestral Chinese tea culture, Menghai is still home to Yunnan’s oldest specialised tea factory. This ripe pu-erh tea cake is made out of twisted and downy shoots that give a rich liquor with no bitterness. Their heavy fermentation produces a dark sweet brew and reveals a lingering aroma of undergrowth, tobacco and honey.

The tea artisans’ packaging guarantees the quality, the origin and the authenticity of the tea.

Brewing recommendations: 4g - 2 to 5mn - 100°C

  • Using a pu-erh knife, a paring knife or with your hands, gently loosen leaves from the edges of the cake.
  • First rinse the leaves with temperate spring water; this will prepare the leaves for infusion.
  • Pour freshly boiled spring water over the already damp leaves.
  • Infuse as long as desired, from a few seconds to several minutes.

This tea can easily undergo multiple infusions; for each successive service, it is common practice to gradually increase tea steeping time so as to experience new flavours every time.