We share the traditional artisan know-how of the families behind our timeless and authentic whole-leaf tea selection.

The Artisans

We went from carefully selecting blended teas and botanicals to diving deep into the history and the villages behind the products we are offering.

We travelled to what is considered the birthplace of ancestral tea culture and learned about traditions, cultures, terroirs and processes.

We have built everlasting relationships with artisans that adhere to time-honoured techniques at all stages of tea processing that unleash the secret aromas of each crop. Nowadays, we only select from the original whole-leaf teas and botanicals that we know will foster mutual respect and complicity with the dedicated artisans we work with.

Through our new selection of teas and infusions, we are committed to provide an alternative variety of the finest quality, inspired by traditions that dates back to the millennia, and to leave a positive environmental footprint.

Ancestral Artisan Know-how

In Jingmai, the oldest tea mountain in the worlds located in the Yunnan Province in China, we came close to the ancestral artisan know-how of pu-erh manufacturing.

What is known as the most reputed and expensive tea in the world has, like great wines and liqueurs, the ability to improve over time. Indeed, while other teas lose their flavour over time, pu-erh improves while microbes do their work to trigger the fermentation process of the tea and develop layers of depth and sophisticated aromas.

This is why we felt we had to offer you a selection of teacakes, exclusively pressed for The Tea Artisans, for you to discover the subtleties of this type of tea.