Our selection of organic infusions made from fruits, leaves, flowers and roots with nutritional and therapeutic virtues pays tribute to the riches of nature in a caffeine-free alternative.

Organic chamomile. Natural herbal infusion
Organic chamomile. Natural herbal infusion
Organic Chamomile

Organic Chamomile


Flavour profile : Smooth and fruity.

Organic chamomile* from Europe harvested in 2019.

Traditionally hand-picked and sun-dried whole chamomile flowers.

Packaging : 60g tea caddy

Originated from the coastlines of Atlantic Europe, chamomile* is known for its medicinal properties. Infused or associated with other plants, its softness and delicate liquor are ideal for a moment of calm and comfort.

The tea artisans’ packaging guarantees the quality, the origin and the authenticity of the product.

*Products of organic farming, certified by FR-BIO-10.

Brewing recommendations : 10g/L - 7/10mn - 90/95°C

  • First rinse the leaves with temperate spring water; this will prepare the leaves for infusion.
  • Pour freshly boiled spring water over the already damp leaves.
  • Infuse up to 5mn for optimal balance between strength and finesse.

This tea can easily undergo two infusions.