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Amaranth Blossom Flowers

Amaranth Blossom Flowers

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Flavour profile : Smooth, strong and citrus.

Organic black tea from India


Traditionally hand-picked, withered, hand-rolled, oxidised, oven-dried whole tea leaves.

Packaging: 80g tea caddy (weight can vary according to the size of the flowers)

Millennial and exceptional, traces of this tea have been found since 420 AD in Guangxi Province, China. Delicate green tea leaves have been cautiously selected, hand-sewn around an amaranth flower, and flavoured with wild jasmine.

Several hundred of buds are needed to make this wonderful sculpture. During infusion, the blossoming of these flowers will offer a show for your eyes and taste buds. They can easily undergo multiple infusions, at all times of the day.

The tea artisans’ packaging guarantees the quality, the origin and the authenticity of the tea.
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