We only select from the original whole-leaf teas that we know will foster mutual respect and complicity with the dedicated artisans we work with.

Organic Earl Grey
Organic Earl Grey
Organic Earl Grey

Organic Earl Grey


Flavour profile : Smooth, strong and citrus.

Organic black tea from India harvested in 2019. 

Traditionally hand-picked, withered, hand-rolled, oxidised, oven-dried whole tea leaves.

Packaging : 125g tea caddy

Originally from India, our hand-crafted version of this harmonious blend of black tea* combined with the freshness of Calabrian bergamot will perfume your breakfast with a slight lemony note, and seduce Earl Grey enthusiasts.

The tea artisans’ packaging guarantees the quality, the origin and the authenticity of the tea.

*Products of organic farming, certified by FR-BIO-10.

Brewing recommendations : 8,8g/L - 4/5mn - 85/90°C

  • First rinse the leaves with temperate spring water; this will prepare the leaves for infusion.
  • Pour freshly boiled spring water over the already damp leaves.
  • Infuse up to 5mn for optimal balance between strength and finesse.

This tea can easily undergo two infusions.